Have Patience

Training your dog can be difficult if you’re attempting to do it for the first time, or the dog hasn’t experienced any proper training before. However with a kind manner, and a lot of patience, anyone is capable of training their dog. It will take a long time, as you need to do it in small sessions. The usual recommended thought is to have sessions that don’t last longer than fifteen minutes.

You don’t want to have the dog that you’re training getting bored, and distracted during a longer session. You can have sessions two or three times a day though, making the dog training about repetition. Start with something rather basic, such as ‘sit’. When the dog manages that task, and sits for you then move on to other commands like ‘stay’ or ‘lie down’.

Avoid Distractions

Distractions are something that you should avoid as much as possible. Take the dog that you are training somewhere quiet, and try to remove anything that might distract you. It’s not good to have to take business calls, when you’re in the middle of the training session. It’s best to not have the first few sessions at a location where a lot of other dogs and owners go.

Remove Problems during the Sessions

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Dog Training


Training a dog is as important as feeding it. The fact that having a dog is a responsibility cannot be overemphasized. The pet owner must establish a good relationship with his or her dog. And the best way to establish this desired good relationship is to conduct dog training. Training a dog must become a regular activity. In order to get the best out of any dog training, the owner, who is also the trainer, must know the basics of different kinds of training.

Dog training must be a consistent and ongoing effort for both the dog trainer and the dog. Reinforcing desirable attitude must be done on a regular basis for successful dog training. Here are other dog training success methods to ensure a good and rewarding training program.

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Finding Common Ground While Living With A Diva Pooch

Dogs are truly a man’s or a woman’s best friend. There are a lots of people in the world who will tell you that their pooch is much more reliable than any human that they have ever met, and this includes their spouses. Dogs can add so much to your life, and if you have managed to adopt a diva dog, you will certainly never be bored, but you had better beware.

A diva dog is one that believes that she or he has complete authority over you and your home. He honestly believes that he calls the shots, and if you are not careful, you might find yourself being completely beholden to your dog. Other characteristics that define the diva dog include, but are not limited to:

  • Dictating where he wants to be, when he wants to be there and for how long
  • Positioning himself so that he is the first to walk through the door after a walk or outing
  • Preventing you from having a conversation on the phone without interruption

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Dog Training and its Benefits

Our dogs are amazing. They truly can enhance the way we live our lives. They are cheerful, happy and playful. When we are sad, they are sad with us and help cheer us up. However, not everyone can see how amazing our dog is – especially when our dog is barking at them, chasing their cat, or even urinating on something that they shouldn’t be urinating on. There are ways that we can scold our dog, but scolding them never really stops the bad behavior. The only true way that we can stop this is to train them.

Dogs need structure, just in the similar way that small children do. Dogs also enjoy structure. They like the idea of knowing when to do something and when to stop doing something. This is because of their internal desire for pleasing their owners. Dogs can be very gentle. They are very aware of when we are mad, sad or happy with them. When they do something right, we are happy and pet them. We coo at them softly and the dog wags its tail happily. Why not give them the training that they need, which will help improve their life as well as your own?

The more I work with my dog the happier I am. Just the other day when I was walking my I ran into my good friend Cash (shameless plug for him Provo Orem window Washers) and my dog stayed at my side the whole time. Normally I am so ashamed of my dog pulling me this way and that and barking and what have you.

No More Embarrassment We have all been there before. Your friend invites you to their home. They ask about your dog and even offer that you should bring them along so that you can have a “doggie date”. You agree and happily bring Fido with you. However, once you get there, your dog sees the other dog and takes off. He sniffs and sniffs and then barks. You pull him back and smile just trying to shove it off. Then, your dog runs around the house and yard, peeing on almost anything and everything. Your dog doesn’t have to use the bathroom, but they are trying to mark their territory, which is not their territory at all. Now your friend is not only unhappy, but the other dog is also. And this is mostly due to the fact that you have no control over your dog. This is because your dog is untrained. You shout and tell him to stop, but he just continues on. And then, when you are unhappy with him, he doesn’t understand why. Dog training is very important because it teaches dogs to do what they should be doing and to not do what should not be done. It also helps them know what you are happy with, which will help make you both happy together. Continue reading “Dog Training and its Benefits”

Dog Training Guideliness


Are you looking to train your newly adapted dog? Or perhaps improve its habits! Well look no further….Dog training is essential as it creates the proper boundary between master and dog and enhances easy communication. Although dog training is advised for private trainers it is possible to train your dog from home. At the end if this piece you shall have learnt how to train your dog and simple commands like sit, some or even toilet train hereby avoiding embarrassing situations [phew!].

8 Guidelines on How To Dog Train:

  1. Allocate at least an hour a day to training your dog

Dog training needs consistency, you have to be willing to dedicate your time and effort at least once a day. Failure to do this the dog will forget the previous days’ lesson taking you to step one [yikes!].

  1. Tell him what to do

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Welcome Dog Person

Welcome dog person, or just readers. I have a love hate relationship with my dog. I love him. However, I also dislike some of his characteristics. So this blog will be my journey into trying to train him so he does not drive me so crazy.

Please feel free to comment or contact me.