Have Patience

Training your dog can be difficult if you’re attempting to do it for the first time, or the dog hasn’t experienced any proper training before. However with a kind manner, and a lot of patience, anyone is capable of training their dog. It will take a long time, as you need to do it in small sessions. The usual recommended thought is to have sessions that don’t last longer than fifteen minutes.

You don’t want to have the dog that you’re training getting bored, and distracted during a longer session. You can have sessions two or three times a day though, making the dog training about repetition. Start with something rather basic, such as ‘sit’. When the dog manages that task, and sits for you then move on to other commands like ‘stay’ or ‘lie down’.

Avoid Distractions

Distractions are something that you should avoid as much as possible. Take the dog that you are training somewhere quiet, and try to remove anything that might distract you. It’s not good to have to take business calls, when you’re in the middle of the training session. It’s best to not have the first few sessions at a location where a lot of other dogs and owners go.

Remove Problems during the Sessions

Don’t be nervous if things don’t go exactly to plan. The dog is likely to dislike some of the training, and may display some levels of defiance or aggression, depending on the breed and the dog’s own temperament. If this happens, don’t give up, you need to try to turn the dog’s attention to something good. However irritated or angry you get, try to keep yourself calm and confident. You’re the boss; don’t let the session end up like something from ‘Marley and Me’. It’s best to end the training session when you see the dog becoming tired, or bored.

Positive Reinforcement

It’s a good idea to give rewards whenever the dog achieves a task, as it will mean that the training is a positive thing in the dog’s brain. Treats are the thing that most people think of when it comes to rewards. There are a lot of different types of dog snacks, available in supermarkets these days. Give them a part of a snack whenever they do something that you have commanded.

Games are a good way to keep the dog active, as well as rewarding them for getting something done. You can make a training session into a game, by asking them to ‘sit’ or ‘stay’ before producing a ball for a tug of war, if they follow your command.

Being outdoors can be a reward. This is commonly used when housetraining the dog. Take them to the same spot each time that they need to relieve themselves. If they stay in the same spot for the action, then take them on a short walk. When done enough times, the dog will understand that relieving themselves in the same place means that they get to explore the local area.

Your attention is something that most dogs crave from their owners. It’s one of the best rewards that they can get, to be able to snuggle with you. You can do this, by waiting for your dog to come to you for a pat. Instead of giving the dog what they want immediately, ask them to ‘sit’.

Once the dog has followed the command, then give them some physical affection, like a pat, or a cuddle. If the dog you are training doesn’t do as you ask, then walk away for a little while before trying again. Playing with other dogs is a good reward as just like humans, many dogs love to socialize with each other. So make your dog see that good behavior will mean that you allow plenty of play time with other canines.

Professional Dog Trainers

If you prefer to leave it to someone with a lot of experience, then there are a lot of options. Many professional dog trainers offer private training, which could be best for those dogs that don’t deal well with other dogs, or have issues that mean it’s not suitable to have them around other people currently.

Some dog training businesses offer online courses for you, so that you can become knowledgeable and then follow the steps without paying someone else. If your dog is a sociable type, and you think that it would benefit them, then a group session is also an option.